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Our Philosophy

The Gilmore House sober living residence is designed as a transitional living program for adult males in early recovery who may have unstable living environments that may make "going home" inadvisable. Although a transitional living residence is not a treatment program, residents have a continuing care plan that may include aftercare, relapse prevention, or a step-down level of care such as intensive outpatient following inpatient care that they are expected to actively engage in.

Each resident signs an authorization with his/her treatment provider that permits our Project Coordinator to communicate with them regarding their progress, needs, etc. Additionally, each resident is expected to attend regular twelve step meetings and to have a sponsor in their 12-step program.

The individual plan includes:

  • Twelve step meetings
  • Twelve step sponsor
  • Attendance at weekly House Meetings
  • Employment

We strive to develop an environment of encouragement from within the house that will help you develop the tools needed to achieve long term sobriety.

Sober Quotes:

  • "When you're home by yourself you're behind enemy lines."
  • "There's no elevator, you have to take the steps."
  • "I'm not going to give anybody free rent in my head."
  • "I was hopelessly I'm dopelessly hopeful."
  • "I used to be a hopeless dope fiend, now I'm a dopeless hope fiend."
  • "I need to put things in perspective because I have a disease of perception."
  • "An alcoholic is chosen to find God."
  • "The quality of your recovery is proportional to the quality of your surrender."
  • "I'm a W.C.S. person. That's Worst Case scenario"
  • "Uncover...Discover...Discard."
  • "Those who relapse are attending powerlessness graduate school."
  • "This program changes the way I relate to me. That's what I'm trying to do, change the way I relate to me."
  • "If you commit suicide you're killing the wrong person."
  • "If you're not moving away from a drink you're moving closer to it."
  • "I've been beating up on myself so much I feel like hitting myself."
  • "A critic is a person who goes onto the battlefield after the battle has been fought and shoots the survivors."