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About the House

Gilmore House provides a structured, safe and sober housing environment for male adults in early recovery. In addition to regular attendance at twelve step meetings, residents are expected to be active participants in a continuing care plan that addresses the stage of recovery they are in.

Common areas of the Gilmore House Sober Living Residence include a kitchen with dining area, living room, free washer and dryer and utility areas, and a spacious, tree-lined garden and backyard area.

New residents have the option to have their own bedroom or, for lower cost, to share a bedroom with one other person.

Comfortable furniture, 58" HDTV and all amenities associated with home living are included. Food is provided; food preparation is the responsibility of each resident. Cooking appliances, utensils and a dishwasher are provided. Residents are responsible for the care and general cleanliness of the Gilmore House.

Length of Stay: There is no maximum length of stay; however, the residence and program are designed to be transitional and to afford the resident sufficient time and resources with which to establish independent, healthy living arrangements. We ask for a three month minimum commitment from a resident to move into the residence.

Requirements for Sober Housing include:

  • Must be medically and psychiatrically stable.
  • Must be able to take care of themselves fully on a daily basis.
  • Must be willing to follow a Twelve Step program.
  • Must be working or seeking employment unless in 10+ hours per week of outpatient rehab.
  • Must be able to pay $1500-$2000 a month.
  • Pay a one-time damage/security deposit of $500 at move in.
  • Must accept urine drug screening (cost is included).